Top 10 Gluten Free Restaurants in Sydney

Top 10 Gluten Free Restaurants in Sydney

We are so lucky to have so many incredible restaurants and venues that go above and beyond to cater for our Coeliac community, however finding them can sometimes feel like “finding a needle in a hay stack” or just plain overwhelming. Sydney has no shortage of amazing restaurants and cafe’s that cater for Coeliacs and those who are Gluten Intolerant. We hope that this list helps you find these safe and yummy gluten free options in Sydney.

Below is our TOP 10, most Coeliac Safe Venues in Sydney. This list has been extensively researched and reviewed by a coeliac who “gets it” and loves to find and support business that also “get it” and understand how important “no crumbs” is! Of course there are so many other restaurant/ cafe options depending on your needs and location in Sydney, simply head to our Home Page and use the search function to find them. While we endeavour to only share the safest venues, remember to always be your own health advocate and let the staff know your own specific dietary needs before dining.

#1. Sebastien Sans Gluten, Leichhardt

How could we not start with Sebastien Sans Gluten!!! If you have not tried them, this is my number one must visit when in Sydney. You will literally be in Coeliac Heaven and make sure you go there hungry because you are going to want to order one of everything!

You’ll find them in the heart of Leichhardt, where they offer an authentic selection of artisanal French delights. Everything is made in their 100% gluten free kitchen. Sébastien is dedicated to indulging the appetites of those with coeliac disease and gluten intolerance, but you don’t have to be coeliac to enjoy these goodies! My Favourite is the ham and cheese croissant, it is more than just a plain croissant cut open and filled. It’s baked with the ham inside before bechamel sauce is piped into the centre. Served hot it’s decadent and a total delight 🙂 Click here to view more info on our website.

Image from – Sebastien Sans Gluten

#2. Gluten Free Friends, Marrickville

Gluten Free Friends (GFF) is your new BFF! and will make all your GF dreams come true. GFF has a 100% Gluten Free Kitchen, so you need not fear about cross contamination, order mix ups or having to ask an questions! Just order, sit back and enjoy 🙂

The team at GFF fill the much needed gap in the market of safe + tasty GF fast food style takeaway. They serve up a coeliac haven of fried chicken, burgers, breakfast muffins, donuts, cookies and so many other indulgent treats.

GFF’s hero dish is a fried chicken sandwich inspired by Popeyes, one of New Orleans’s most famous fried chicken franchises. GFF’s version features a brioche bun loaded with super-crispy fried chicken, pickles and mayo. My personal favourite is the sausage and egg muffin inspired by Maccas, but made with high quality sausage and a house-made pink sauce (which is mayo-based with ketchup, garlic, chilli sauce and pickle juice). GFF has recently opened and is founded by a Coeliac with a dream of being able to eat everything he craved and to be able to share that with the Coeliac Community. Places like this popping up brings me so much hope for the future of Coeliac Safe venues. Click here to view more info on our website.

Image from – Gluten Free Friends

#3. Calle Rey, Newtown

Calle Rey is a Plant-based Mexican-Peruvian fusion and Pisco bar in Newtown. It has a 100% Gluten Free Menu and catering for the coeliac and vegan community is what they do best. We all know the “Gluten Free Tax” can sting at the moment but Calle Rey have reasonably priced set menus and specials to take advantage of. The 6 course set tasting menu is available every night, in addition to the full a-la-carte menu. For me ‘Taco Tuesday’ is a must! But they also have Buffalo Wing Tasting Thursdays, a Japanese Fusion set menu and the cutest mini cocktails. Click here to view more info on our website.

Image from – Calle Rey

#4. Wholegreen Bakery, CBD, Waverley & Alexandria

Wholegreen Bakery is a favourite amongst Sydney siders and has gone from strength to strength, now with three locations around Sydney. They are a 100% Gluten Free Bakery and Cafe in one. The owner Cherie Lyden has coeliac disease and so does her daughter, which inspires her to work to advocate for the coeliac community.

The Wholegreen team are fiercely passionate about providing gluten-free food that is delicious and innovative. Whether you are after their famous gluten-free sourdough, decadent pastries or hard to find pantry items; this is the place for you. Click here to view more info on our website.

Image from- Wholegreen Bakery & Cafe 📸 Tomato, Feta & Pesto Croissants

#5. Restaurant 317, Parramatta

The food at Restaurant 317 is delicious and unapologetically humble – contemporary Italian and Mediterranean in the heart of Parramatta. While this is not a 100% gluten free venue, it is an incredibly safe coeliac dining destination and has Coeliac Australia Accreditation. The restaurant has two kitchens, one for gluten free and one for gluten containing foods. The staff are highly trained in dietary needs and the kitchen has many procedures in place to stop any contamination. They also have a blue-red colour code throughout the entire food-prep process. With a vast menu there is really is something for everyone, but for me their gluten-free schnitzel is the bomb!!! and their gluten-free dessert offerings put other menus to shame.

Restaurant 317 is located on Church Street in Parramatta, and is part of the vibrant ‘Eat Street’ one of Sydney’s most exciting dining precincts. With fairy lights and outdoor seating, the strip has a lively atmosphere any time of day or night. Click here to view more info on our website.

Image from – Restaurant 317

#6. Comeco, Newtown

Comeco is a cute little 100% Gluten Free Japanese Diner where you can get a handful of expertly designed savoury classics like curry and onigiri. But the real star is their rice flour sourdough fried doughnuts. They are heavenly! They are fermented for 48 hours using gluten-free sourdough born from organic brown rice and are not oily, because of the use of rice bran oil. Other highlights are deliciously allergy free fluffy bread, sweet potato brownies and GF/ vegan sushi. Click here to view more info on our website.

Image from – Comeco

#7. Hudsons Bakery, Bondi

Hudsons is 100% Gluten Free and Coeliac Australia Accredited. Hudson’s Bakery came about when the owner needed to provide GF options for her children to take to school in their lunch box, we all know kids can be fussy so she teamed up with a few GF expert baking friends, to develop a selection of home made, delicious, traditional farm style, made in your grandma’s kitchen type food. Their aim is to create simple, tasty gluten free food that takes you back to your childhood and they certainly deliver.

They are famous for fluffy white breads, hamburger brioche buns, baguettes, ficelle, cookies, caramel slice, rocky road, flatbread crackers, brownies, pizza slices, lamingtons, sticky buns and more!!! Click here to view more info on our website.

Image from – Hudsons Bakery

#8. Beach Buns Burgers, Sandringham

Beach Buns Burgers is a wonderful little cafe and was the first Coeliac Australia Accredited restaurant in Sydney. Instead of saying, “it’s too hard” beach buns has done the hard work and training to ensure they are coeliac safe. The buns are delicious and soft, they have two separate kitchen areas and dedicated GF equipment as well as different coloured plates for Coeliac meals. With the exception of gluten buns, the whole menu is GF. Click here to view more info on our website.

Image from – Beach Burger Buns

#9. Maiz Mexican, Newtown

Maiz is a 100% Gluten Free venue, that is funky, hip and serves tasty Mexican Street Food. Maiz began at the summerhill markets with their traditional sopes, which are a thick round tortilla bases with savoury toppings. Not long after the popularity of their sopes grew they opened a store on King Street, Newtown. Maiz also have a sensational Mexican brunch experience, Tostada Tuesday and tasty Mexican inspired street foods. It gets busy so be sure to book a table. Click here to view more info on our website.

Image from – Maiz Mexican

#10. Bad Hombres, Surry Hills

Bad Hombres delivers 100% gluten free and vegan Mexican. They have a casual and cozy decor, as well as 80’s inspired playlists, which create a party vibe. Their Taco’s are the highlight for me and the staff are also absolutely fabulous. Click here to view more info on our website.

Image from – Bad Hombres


Other awesome 100% GF finds in Sydney include-

  • 15cenchi Japanese Basque Cheesecake Sydney- 100% GF Japanese Desserts.
  • Broth Bar & Larder, Bronte- 100% Gluten Free good for your soul type meals.
  • Pasta Di Casa, Mosman- Keep your eye on their socials for their ever popular dine-in and takeaway events run throughout the year.
  • Iron Ramen, Follow them on facebook to find their pop up locations around the country.
  • Shire Gluten Free- 100% Gluten Free store in Cronulla stocking beautifully sourced artisan fresh and frozen products from all over Australia. Stock includes items from Hudsons Bakery, Sebastien’s Sans Bakery, gf_pastadicasa, Primal Alternative and more.
  • Mr Potato, Newtown– who have a large selection of proteins, low carb potato or sweet potato, vegan & vegetarian options, and the entire menu is also 100% gluten-free!
  • Nutie, Currently in Balmain- but soon to move location and expand.

Of course a venue does not need to be 100% Gluten Free or Coeliac Australia Endorsed to be safe! However it does pose many risks, some venues are simply better at it than others. Being confident in asking the right questions and advocating to the staff involved in preparing and serving your meal is a valuable skill to perfect. I would now like to make mention of a few Sydney Restaurants that do an amazing job of catering for coeliacs in a shared kitchen and that are very coeliac aware.

  • The White Cockatoo Hotel, Petersham- Famous for their GF fried chicken, calamari and fries (GF Fryer✅, dedicated GF workspace ✅ ).
  • Café Patina, Wahroonga- most of the menu is GF and staff very knowledgable.
  • Miss Sina, Marrickville and Surry Hills- Has a whole fridge of dedicated single serve and indulgent GF treats.
  • Johnny Bird, Crows Nest- Crispy fried chicken, burgers, fries, & popcorn chicken (GF Fryer ✅ ).
  • Diggers Miranda RSL, Miranda- Chef Andrew is a coeliac and has created a Devine menu which includes fried ice cream- Yummm!!!
  • The Henson, Marrickville

Happy Safe Gluten Free Dining.

Much Love From Your CoeliacEasy Fam x

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