Top 10 Gluten Free Restaurants Brisbane

Top 10 Gluten Free Restaurants Brisbane

We are so lucky to have so many incredible restaurants and venues that go above and beyond to cater for our Coeliac community, however finding them can sometimes feel like “finding a needle in a hay stack” or just plain overwhelming. Brisbane has no shortage of amazing restaurants and cafe’s that cater for Coeliacs and those who are Gluten Intolerant. We hope that this list helps you find these safe and yummy gluten free options in Brisbane.

Below is our TOP 10, most Coeliac Safe Venues in Brisbane. This list has been extensively researched and reviewed by a coeliac who “gets it” and loves to find and support business that also “get it” and understand how important “no crumbs” is! Of course there are so many other restaurant/cafe options depending on your needs and location in Brisbane, simply head to our Home Page and use the search function to find them. While we endeavour to only share the safest venues, remember to always be your own health advocate and let the staff know your own specific dietary needs before dining.

#1. Covent Garden- Gin Bar and Restaurant, West End

Covent Garden is my all time fav restaurant in Brisbane. Their food menu is 100% Gluten Free and Coeliac Safe, so you can sit back and relax with no fear of cross contamination. The menu will blow your mind and is designed to share. Now lets face it, being able to share meals is a luxury in itself for us Coeliac’s 😃. Pair your meal with one of their delightfully instagrammable gins and escape to a tranquil urban oasis that is the beating heart of West End. If that wasn’t enough to entice you they also have a high tea experience sitting amongst their gardens, it is an absolute delight!!! Click here to view more info about this venue on our website.

Image from – Covent Garden 📸 Crispy Pork Belly w/ sweet mustard glaze, celeriac remoulade & rice crisp!!

#2. Birds Nest, West End, Fortitude Valley and Toowong

Birds Nest on the run, in Toowong is our families favourite take-away spot. Healthy, fresh, kid friendly and they always have family meal-deals that make it such good value for money. Bird’s Nest is 90% Gluten Free and Very Coeliac Friendly. Think Traditional Japanese Yakitori in a vibrant yet relaxing environment. There are 3 items in their kitchen that are not gluten free (and these three are clearly marked on the menus). The staff are trained in catering for coeliacs and have measures in place to stop cross contamination including separate work spaces. Click here to view more info about this venue on our website.

Image from – Birds Nest Fortitude Valley 📸 Signature Takoyaki.

#3. GF Sistas, Clayfield

GF Sistas is a 100% Gluten Free Cafe, they offer inside and outside dining as well as a gated kids play area, so you can truely sit back and relax! In addition to their full menu, GF Sistas have a fully stocked cabinet of ready made treats- with items like carrot cake, lamingtons, ham and Cheese rolls/ scrolls, quiche, raspberry & white choc muffins, bacon & egg muffins, choc chip cookies and so much more. In addition to this the talented safe can also create made-to-order cakes and cupcakes for all you special occasions. You’ll be spoilt for choice here at GF Sistas! Click here to view more info about this venue on our website.

Image from – GF Sistas

#4. Australian Wildflour Pastry Co, Cleveland

Australian Wildflour Pastry Co are an exclusively Gluten Free, Coeliac Safe Artisan Bread Shop and Patisserie. Their range is just Devine and includes items like- Freshly made Toasties, Black Forrest Muffins, Sangria Muffins, Lemon Meringue Tarts, Brownies, Lemon Blueberry and Olive oil cakes, Strawberry Shortcake, Scones, croissants and so much more. Click here to view more info about this venue on our website.

Image from- Australian Wildflour Pastry Co.

#5. Nodo, Brisbane CBD, Newstead, Hawthorne, Camphill, West Village, Carindale, Chermside and Southbank

Nodo is Coeliac Australia accredited, so you are in good hands. At Nodo all the products are lovingly prepared with nothing but good intentions and the best possible, naturally gluten free ingredients. We were lucky enough to eat at the Southbank store recently, the breakfast was lovely and healthy. The donuts are a delicious treat, although they taste more like cake than a donut to me. Click here to view more info about this venue on our website.

Image from – Nodo

#6. Frankies Smokehouse, Woolloongabba

If you are a fan of low and slow, smoked BBQ meat, you will absolutely love this place. Everything they cook is Gluten Free, except the bread rolls. Frankies serve up traditional Texan style smoked meats in the middle of Brisbane, we dined here recently and my husband just loved the massive smoker and being about to watch them cook the meat, all while sitting outside under the stars. There is more than just meat to love about Frankie’s! Click here to view more info about this venue on our website.

Image from – Frankies Smokehouse

#7. Wilde Kitchen- Teneriffe

This place is heaven for a coeliac. They are 100% GLUTEN FREE, Coeliac Australia Accredited and based on a paleo philosophy so they can cover most dietary requirements. They offer an all day menu, takeaway options, paleo snacks, catering and ready made meals. Click here to view more info about this venue on our website.

Image from – Wilde Kitchen

#8. Cheeky Poke Bar, Ulster Lane, West End, Newstead and Greenslopes

Poke Bar have taken the traditional Hawaiian staple food ‘poke’, and added an Australian twist to it – being a local, vibrant and flavoursome array of fresh foods. Everything on the menu except the tacos and gyoza are gluten free, so much variety on the menu, all healthy and fresh. The staff have strict measures in place to avoid cross contamination. Plus you absolutely must also try the butterbing cookies 🍪 which are a GF fudgy brownie buttercream cookie topped with ice-cream. Click here to view more info about this venue on our website.

Image from – Cheeky Poke Bar

#9. Little Black Pug

Little Black Pug is so cute, 99% Gluten Free, healthy and very coeliac-aware. Their seasonal menus highlight the freshness of their local produce, the cultural diversities of their customer base, and the different food tolerances and preferences of individuals. Click here to view more info about this venue on our website.

Image from – Little Black Pug

#10. BadBoys- Narangba and Zillmere

They BadBoys Cafe offers a high quality cost effective product range of sweet and savoury GF, Vegan and everyday food out of their Coeliac Safe Kitchens both in Zillmere and Narangba. The savoury options availble are the types of food that are often high risk for contamination- however being a 100% gluten free kitchen you need not worry about that. Items include burgers, fries, pies, sausage rolls, dagwood dogs, arancini balls, calamari, chicken nuggets and spring rolls. Not to mention there famous gluten free donut range. At BadBoys Doughnuts you can create a doughnut box from a range of 12 different flavoured sugars made from real fruit, dried out and infused into the sugars. You can also select from a range of add-ons which are Nutella, Strawberry Jam, Raspberry Jam, Apricot Jam, Three Berry Jam, Lemon Curd, Passionfruit Curd, Caramel or Bischoff. Click here to view more info about this venue on our website.

Image from – BadBoys


Other awesome finds in Brisbane include-

The Butcher Shoppe in Cannon Hill, 100% Gluten Free Butcher and Coeliac Australia Certified.

The Phat empire of venues- Chu the Phat, Phat Boy, Phat Elephant and Chai Thai– all have a separate Gluten Free Menu and are Coeliac Aware.

Foundry Artisan Coffee in Indooroopilly, 100% GF Venue- popular for GF Bagels.

Happy Dough , 100% GF Donuts with stores scattered around Brisbane.

Maya Mexican Fortitude Valley, 95% GF menu and stunning venue with views of the city.

Also a lovely little online business is, I Heart Brownies– its such a cute gift to have delivered to a loved one.

Happy Safe Gluten Free Dining.

Much Love From Your CoeliacEasy Fam x